4 Easy Ways To Update Your Trade Show Booth

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Trade shows remain one of the easiest ways to promote your goods and services to new customers. You want your trade show booth to really pack a punch so that it will be memorable after consumers leave the show and return home.

If you don't have the budget to design a completely new booth, you can still invest in some simple updates that will transform the appearance of your existing booth.

1. Use Creative Flooring

It's important that you evaluate your trade show booth from a 360-degree viewpoint. Most companies know that decorating the walls of their booth is critical, but they can overlook the important role the flooring plays in creating ambiance.

The use of creative flooring in your booth can help you completely transform the way the customer feels when walking into your exhibit. Lightweight laminate or adhesive tile make great creative flooring options for trade show booths that need to be mobile.

2. Change the Layout

Another simple way to alter your trade show booth without spending a lot of money is to update the layout. You want your booth to invite consumers in and take them on a journey as they learn about your products or services.

Evaluate your existing layout and determine how well it allows you to interact with consumers passing by your exhibit. Move employees and catchy graphics to the front of the booth instead of having them in the back so that your company can be proactive in reaching out to potential customers during trade shows.

3. Create a Destination

The longer you get consumers to stay in your trade show booth, the more opportunity you have to gather leads and generate sales. Transforming your existing booth into a destination doesn't have to be costly.

With the addition of some charging stations and a few tables or chairs, you can draw in customers looking to rest and recharge their mobile devices. This rest period provides the perfect opportunity to discuss your company with a captive consumer audience. 

4. Switch to Standing Counters

It can be beneficial to make the switch from traditional tables to standing counters in your trade show booth. Employees may have a tendency to get lazy and remain seated during trade show events.

The lack of engagement created by employees who appear to be resting can leave a poor impression on trade show attendees. Standing counters will force employees to remain on their feet and interact with any consumers passing your trade show booth.

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